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Junior Welfare Association Scholarship


Background: Junior Welfare Association (JWA) is an organization of women who have joined together with the same belief and goal of improving economic, educational and social conditions of our community.  Our membership accomplishes this through fundraising and volunteering our time and talents.  JWA members remain strongly committed to the goals set forth by our founders, and through the continuation of our ongoing service projects, we are able to meet our goals. 


Overview: The Junior Welfare Association (JWA) is offering a scholarship opportunity for seniors in Macon County. Students who are planning to attend a college or other institute of higher education in the fall semester following graduation are eligible to apply. The chosen recipient(s) have the opportunity to receive up to $1,000 toward their continuing education. 

Requirements: A strong candidate for this scholarship would be a student who is goal-oriented and can describe their involvement and passion for volunteerism or serving the community. This would be reflected in the application itself as well as in two letters of reference. 

Applications: All applications, as well as two letters of reference, must be  submitted by March 1, 2024.

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